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Why do you spend a lifetime working hard?

family-picture1For most people the primary aim of their lifelong hard work is to provide a suitable, secure lifestyle for them and their family. 
If that is true of you, the valuable assets you accumulate to achieve this aim make up your Estate and are extremely important!

Protect, utilise and benefit from your assets!

Taking the appropriate measures by strategically planning your Estate to ensure you retain control over your assets both now and in the hands of future generations.
Do you own valuable assets, such as land, business, property or a share portfolio?
If you do then it is important that you can have confidence that those assets are protected for the next generation!

What is the When You’re Gone Plan?

Put simply, it is a generic guide to assist you in implementing an effective Estate Plan that will ensure that your assets pass safely to the people you would like to receive them during your lifetime and after your death, in an asset protective and a tax effective manner.

By asking questions such as:

• Do you have a Will?
• If you have a Will, have your circumstances changed?
• Have you ever created an Enduring Power of Attorney?
• Do you own any assets in a Trust structure?
• Do you have life insurance or income protection?
• Do you want certainty over where your superannuation fund benefits are distributed?

We are able to map out an ACTION PLAN that will guide you as to actions you may wish to take and get you on your way to implementing your Estate Plan.

Getting Started

The WHEN YOU’RE GONE PLAN process involves these 3 steps:

1. You complete our Estate Planning Questionnaire and send it back to our office (takes you 10 minutes)
2. We prepare your WHEN YOU’RE GONE PLAN report
3. We meet with you for one hour to discuss your ACTION PLAN and any actions you may wish to take.



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